Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Favorite iPhone Apps

I have no catchy title... feel free to suggest one :)

I have a couple of apps I find really useful for various aspects of practice and I thought I'd share them.

Yoga Timer - the yogic metronome.  This is great for a yin or restorative practice where you want to spend x minutes in a pose before moving to the next one.

Way of Life - a goal tracker.  Prove to yourself that you really can meditate for 9.75 minutes every day.

... and my favorite...

Muscles by RealBodyWork - see muscles of the face, arm, torso and leg.  Pay a few extra dollars and get animations of common movements and the muscles that make it happen.  (Apparently they also make nerves and other systems, too, if anatomy is your thing.)


  1. Thank you for these! I also downloaded "Insight Timer" at Michele's recommendation and use that app to time my meditation sessions and journal about them after. It automatically keeps a log as well. App allows you to choose different bells to start and end meditation.

  2. Love the metronome app. Will listen to it during my pranayama practice at home.